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Goodreads synopsis:

It’s an opportunity she can’t refuse. The woman before her tried…

Freya Miller needs a miracle. In the fallout of her husband’s betrayal, she’s about to lose her family home, and with it the security she craves for her five-year-old daughter, Skye. Adrift and alone, she’s on the verge of despair until a chance meeting with the charismatic Dr Marsden changes everything. He’s seeking a new tenant for a shockingly affordable flat in a fashionable area of London.

Adder House sounds too good to be true… But Freya really can’t afford to be cynical, and Dr Marsden is adamant she and Skye will be a perfect fit with the other residents.

But Adder House has secrets. Even behind a locked front door, Freya feels as if she’s being watched: objects moving, unfamiliar smells, the blinking light of a concealed camera… and it’s not long before she begins to suspect that her dream home is hiding a nightmarish reality. Was it really chance that led her here—or something unthinkably dark?

As the truth about Adder House starts to unravel, can Freya and Skye get out—or will they be locked in forever?

The Good

Sadly, this is one of the few times where I am unable to find anything positive to say about a book. I truly wish there was.

The Bad

So let’s cut to the chase.

I did not enjoy this book. And I don’t get to say that a lot! The Apartment is fairly short, just under 300 pages, which doesn’t leave much room for expanding the plot. I would’ve DNF’d by the first couple of chapters, but my curiosity won out and I forced myself to finish. 

First off, The Apartment was not well written. The chapters ended abruptly and weirdly, as if they were ending in the middle of a paragraph. Many of the chapters could’ve been combined to make for a smoother transition. Multiple points of view came out of nowhere and the storyline jumped from past to present at random times making the story hard to follow at first.

The characters were not fleshed out enough. I couldn’t get myself to care about them. Freya, our main character, was so naive. For someone who described herself as one with trust issues, she trusted many people very quickly. I thought she was annoying at times. The inhabitants of the Adder House are…I guess as weird as they supposed to be?

There were many plot holes, which I can’t get into because I’m trying to leave this review spoiler-free. Things happened with no explanation and the story was slow and boring. This book is supposed to be thriller but nothing exciting happened in the 200 pages. We got some action in the last 10 percent of the book, and even then it was rushed.

The End

The ending was fast paced, and not in a good way. When I found out why everything was happening to Freya and her daughter, I said out loud to myself, “are you serious?” I was annoyed at the reasoning behind Freya’s turmoil. It made no sense whatsoever. Once you get the answer to Freya’s problem, the story is tied up neatly in a bow. It’s so quickly resolved you might think there were chunks of dialogue and plot that may have been cut out.

As a whole, The Apartment was greatly underwhelming. It could’ve been written and structured a lot better. I would not recommend this book to anyone, but I suggest reading reviews to see if this is the fit for you.

MY RATING: 1.5 stars

ARC requested on and provided by Netgalley. Thank you!


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