I Went Through A Reading Block

So July was a HORRIBLE month for reading. I went through a reading block. I did not want to pick up a book at all. At the time (and still now), I was reading the last installment in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series, Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco. I started reading it June 22nd. And here I am, a little over a month later, and I’m not even halfway through the book!

What was going on with me?! Why didn’t I want to read? My theory is that I’ve just been reading too much! I’ve been non-stop reading since January with no breaks. Once I finished a book, I went right into a next one. My brain had enough and told me to s l o w d o w n and change things up.

GIFS7: Chris Rock - Bring the Pain - Slow Down GIF

But I didn’t want to! How can I not read? I have a blog and a bookstagram to keep up with. I forced myself to read, but quickly found out that didn’t work. Never force yourself to read. Reading for me is a way of relaxing and self care. To force myself to pick up a book would defeat the purpose.

So what did I do while I took my reading break? I binged watched shows! I watched Cold Case Files, Unsolved Mysteries, The Innocence Files, and Trial By Media. I’ve been making my way through Bob’s Burgers and watching lots of Property Brothers. It’s been great immersing myself in my other hobbies, planning my vacation with my boyfriend, and even revamping my skin care routine (thank you Hyram!).

Now that August is here, I want to jump back into a book. My goal for this year is to read 24 books and according to Goodreads, I’m still two books ahead of schedule. I’ve been thinking of and researching ways to get out of this reading block and here’s what I’ve concluded:

  • Read one chapter a day
  • Read a short story/novella
  • Read a different genre
  • Reread one of your favorite books
  • Change the way you read your books (i.e., audiobook vs ebook vs physical book)
  • Read about books (i.e., check out a book blogger’s posts)

Hopefully, trying one or more of these will help pull me out of this rut.

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