Allied (Ruined #3) by Amy Tintera

“There comes a time when we have to accept that people make their own choices, and we’re not responsible for those choices, even if they’re our family.”

Allied (Ruined #3)

Two sisters go head to head in the thrilling ending to the Ruined series, Allied. Emelina and Olivia Flores are at odds with how to rule over their group of Ruined. Where Olivia wants to kill every human she can get her hands on, Emelina wants to do the opposite and try to unite Ruined and humans together. By secretly saving humans from Olivia’s wrath wherever she can in Lera, Em begins to think of a plan to take down her sister once and for all. With the help of her best friend Aren, lover/boyfriend/husband? King Casimir and a couple of others, Emelina has to stop Olivia before she becomes the ruler of one of the most powerful kingdoms.

I really enjoyed the final installment to this trilogy. The character development is truly amazing. You can definitely notate the differences in Em, Cas, Aren, and Galo from Ruined until now. Even though the trilogy occurs in the span of a few weeks, you barely notice with everything going on.

Amy Tintera delivered yet another compelling story about morals, politics, love and just plain ol’ doing the right thing. Following everyone on their journey was enjoyable and exciting. The characters relationships were especially something I loved and fell hard for. Cas and Em’s love story is sweet. The way they care for each other makes you say swoon with heart eyes. Aren and Iria’s feelings blossom into something that anyone can root for. And even the background relationship of Galo and Mateo. I love when the LGBTQ community are featured in books and I love that nowadays you see more and more of them. And I can’t forget about the budding bromance of Galo and Aren. Their friendship is one that I rooted for and I’m happy they went on that adventure together and grew closer and learned how to trust one another.

Iria was a background character that was a nice addition to the group. But I feel as though she was just there as Aren’s love interest. Aside from that, she really didn’t have a true purpose in the book…well, at least until the end. Other than the major role she played during the battle scene at the end, I didn’t see the point in Iria’s presence. Allied would have still been amazing even without a love interest for Aren…even if it would’ve taken a chunk out of the story. However, it wouldn’t have a made a difference, other than having a shorter book. However, I didn’t hate her character. I loved when she and Aren were together and as an individual, she was just there, just present. I also felt the same about Mateo. As Galo’s boyfriend, he is just that, Galo’s boyfriend. But I loved his interactions with Galo, but like I said, as an individual, not much of a character.

As the villain, Olivia begins to spiral more out of control as she discovers Em’s true intentions and sees that most of the Ruined are siding with Em instead f her. She believes that violence and fear are the only ways to establish power and control. But after defeat, everyone begins to see that she is not the all-powerful leader that she claims to be and all of her Ruined followers have left her side. Olivia is a girl hell bent on revenge and will do anything and sacrifice anyone to get it. I was sad to see that she was the one character that didn’t change, she would not or could not let go of her anger and hatred. But at the same time, I’m happy she didn’t let it go. It fueled her, which in turn pushed the story line ahead. She was a villain through and through.

There was nothing that I hated about this book. However, I did wish that there was an epilogue. The ending could’ve been more of a full circle. I felt like there was more to say. But other than that, I loved Allied. The Ruined series definitely goes down as a favorite. This book just made me want to read so much more from Amy Tintera.



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