The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu

The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)

The Young Elites brings us into the world of Kenettra, where a blood fever swept the nations and left a few physically marked, and named malfettos. Others developed god-like powers. They are known as the Young Elites.

Our main character, Adelina Amouteru survived the blood fever severely scarred, with a very dark and dormant power within her. Right when her father was about to throw her life away, she escaped, only to be caught by the Inquisition Axis, Kenettra’s feared guards, whose sole purpose is to hunt down Young Elites and kill them. Once Adelina is saved by the Dagger Society, she has finally found a place where she is wanted…or so she tries to tell herself. Thrust into the world of politics, civil discourse, and betrayal, Adelina must try to control her abnormal powers and fight the blackness in her heart, lest it costs her all that she loves.

The Legend series was a great dystopian YA book, but The Young Elites is a step up. This is the second series that I’ve read from Marie Lu, so I was expecting a lot. Marie Lu surpassed my expectations, and then some. The darkness of the plot is what drew me in. TYE is a non-stop, action-packed novel that refuses to be put down. One of the things that lift the plot is the world-building. It is amazing! I could visualize it clearly. I lost myself in Lu’s world, never wanting to leave.

The characters are extremely well-written. I loved how Lu dug deep into the emotions of her characters, making them feel very real. Adelina is set up to be an anti-hero, which makes her intriguing. I was on the fence about her throughout the whole book. I was not sure if I should root for her or not. However, by the end, I know where I stand with her. Enzo, Raffaele, Violetta, and even the minor characters, Lucent and Gemma were all flushed out really well. I care for them and I hurt when they hurt. Any author able to make you grieve with fictional characters is doing something very right. The antagonist, Teren, has left his mark as being a great villain. There’s more under all his layers that make you want to dig deeper. I liked that Lu didn’t give us too much. She left just enough to expand into the next two books and I cannot wait.

All in all, The Young Elites was an amazing start to this series. Marie Lu did not disappoint. I don’t think she knows how! The ending provides a great beginning for what’s to come. More betrayal, politics, and supernatural aspects await us in The Rose Society.



2 thoughts on “The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu

  1. I have the Legend series and The Young Elites sitting on my shelves waiting to be read (for way too long now) Great review – it’s giving me a kick in the pants to pull Marie Lu titles down and get to the reading business…


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