Anticipated Releases|February 2019

The month of February is upon us and that can only mean one thing: more book releases! Below are my anticipated February releases by some amazing authors. Click the photo to be redirected to the book’s Goodreads page and maybe add it to your TBR. I’ll also post links on where you can buy them. Happy reading!

What the Wind Knows

Title/Author: What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon

Publisher/Publication Date: Lake Union Publishing/February 1, 2019

Edition/Pages: Hardcover/416 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

NYT bestselling author Amy Harmon brings readers a historical fiction romance mixed in with a bit of time travel. Taking a small page from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, Harmon introduces us to the main character Anne Gallagher. Anne has grown up with her grandfather’s stories of growing up in Ireland. While spreading his ashes, Anne is thrown back to 1921 Ireland. After waking up in the past, Anne meets Dr. Thomas Smith, who is the guardian or a young boy. Mistaken for the boy’s lost mother, Anne takes on the identity and decides to stay. During this time, Ireland is struggling for their independence and Dr. Smith decides to join the fight. Anne, drawn by her growing feelings, is conflicted. Should she abandon her previous life for a love she never thought she’d find?

After reading Making Faces, A Different Blue, and The Law of Moses, I will read anything Amy Harmon writes. I can’t wait to see what new adventure she has in store for us.

Buy it here: Amazon

On the Come Up

Title/Author: On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

Publisher/Publication Date: Balzer + Bray/February 5, 2019

Edition/Pages: Hardcover/464 pages

Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary/Fiction

On the Come Up is the highly anticipated second novel from Angie Thomas, author of the critically acclaimed The Hate U Give (also a motion picture!).

Sixteen-year-old Bri is striving to become one of the greatest rappers of all time. As the daughter of an underground legend who died before he made it big, Bri has big shoes to fill and a reputation to upkeep. But when her mother loses her jobs, the bills start piling up and homelessness is staring her family down. Now, Bri doesn’t just want to become a great rapper, she needs to.

On the Come Up is a story about fighting for your dreams while learning about who you are. Angie Thomas has her own big shoes to fill after the high of THUG, but believe me, she will not disappoint.

Buy it here: Amazon

Soul in Darkness

Title/Author: Soul in Darkness by Wendy Higgins

Publisher/Publication Date: Amazon Digital Services LLC/February 12, 2019

Edition/Pages: Kindle/185 pages

Genre: New Adult/Fantasy/Mythology

I love reading about Greek mythology. So, when Wendy Higgins brings her spin on the tale of Cupid and Psyche, I’m all for it!

Princess Psyche is adored and loved by people who travel to a small isle in the Aegean Sea. They shower her with gifts and treasure that once used to be given to the Goddess of love and beauty, Venus. When Venus learns of this, her jealousy flares up and she wants to punish Psyche. She sends her son, Cupid, to cause mischief and strife in Psyche’s life. Cupid of course accepts.

As punishment, Psyche is to be given to a mysterious creature, never to be seen. She is terrified of the creature who was described to be a serpent. But this creature knows exactly how to handle his new mate. He morphs her fears into different sensations completely. Wendy Higgins will give us a story describing just how an innocent human can be charmed by an unseen monster.

Buy it here: Amazon

Four Dead Queens

Title/Author: Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte

Publisher/Publication Date: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers/February 26, 2019

Edition/Pages: Hardcover/432 pages

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

Who doesn’t like a murder mystery? In Astrid Scholte’s debut novel, we follow the journey of a thief and the man she tried to steal from as they hunt down the person who murdered their queens.

Keralie Corrington spends her days thieving and lying her way though Concord, the central point of the four quadrants of Quadara, where everyone finds what they can’t get in their own quadrant. Strictly divided from each other, the four quarters are each ruled by four different queens. One day, while intercepting and trying to steal a communications disc, Keralie clashes with Varin Bollt, the man she was intending on stealing from. Varin tries to steal the package back, but instead, the two witness the brutal murder of all four of Quadara’s queens, finding themselves entangled in a conspiracy.

The two decided to join forces and run while trying to uncover the who was behind the murders. A partnership soon blooms into a romance, but Keralie and Varin don’t have time to dwell in it for they will discover dark secrets about themselves, their country, and their queens.

Buy it here: Amazon

So those are my anticipated releases for February. What are some books you can’t wait to read this upcoming month?

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